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welcome to studio3rdtrack productions official website!

Latest News:
Jet Black Roots at the studio recording their promo material.

Mesetiah`s Tesis Ep release date is 31.01.2014. You can listen entire ep at Kaaoszine

New release from Mesetiah coming soon. Ep called Tesis will be released early 2014. Check out first tasters above!

Jackripper´s new album recordings has started, drum tracks are recorded at this point.

"The Torturer" by Cannibal Death God in player!

Cannibal Death God in studio.

Cannibal Death God in studio.

New song added from Ground Surround´s new release "Breaking up the girl" in to 3rdTrackPlayer. Check it out!

New release out from Ground Surround. Ep called "Breaking Up The Girl" consist three acoustic songs wrapped in nice digipack. Official release date 11.05.2012. Sample song is coming soon!

Two song´s from Mesetiah´s new album added to 3rdTrack player!!

Mesetiah´s new album now available from here also at webstore! Check out also our previous releases, now with reduced prices!

Mesetiah´s entire new record online for pre-listening at Kaaoszine. During next week there is a special offer for those who pre-order the album, new album and the debut album "Purpose of our existence" at one´s price at Levykauppa X.!!

Pre-order Mesetiah´s "A force to recognize" album now from Levykauppa X.

3rdTrack Productions co-operation with Inverse Records:
Mesetiah´s -A force to recognize- album will be released with co-operation with Inverse Records. "With help of Inverse Records we get a large cd distribution to record shops all over the world. Also Inverse guys is helping out in promotional matters, so I´m very pleased to this contract." -Pete-

Mesetiah´s song "Razorblades for breakfast" fully on youtube Check it out now!

Well well, it´s been a while since last update here, but I´m more than happy to make this one: Mesetiah´s second album "A Force To Recognize" is finished and the album will be released on 10th of December 2011. Album consists 11 kick ass death/trash songs with "in your face" attitude. More info coming soon! Correction: Official release date is 09th of December and release party at West Coast Bar in Kokkola 10th of December

Jackripper´s Piece Of My Mind-single now available in following download store´s Radio Rock Store NRJ Kauppa! CD version is available in here.

Jackripper`s new single Piece Of My Mind tonight on-air at Radio 967 in KLM radioshow, right after 21:00 pm. So tune your radio on 96,7hz if you´re in that area.!!

2011 starts with Jackripper, their new digisingle master is almost ready and we´re planning to release it on 22th of January, when is also release party at The Rock Pub in Kokkola. There will be also limited edition of CD´s available, pre-orders are taken in from webstore for now on!!

Mesetiah at the studio recording their second full lenght album which will be released during winter or spring.\,,/

New nice promo pictures added from each label bands!

New photos added from Jackripper´s Piece Of My Mind-single recording sessions and live shows schedule updated!

Jackripper releases a new digisingle at the end of 2010, single includes two songs from the upcoming album which will be out on spring 2011! Stay tuned!

You can find 3rdTrack label and it bands profiles now at Reverbnation also, check out!

Immortal Souls at the studio recording the guitar tracks for they upcoming fourth full-length studioalbum.

Improved webstore up and running!

Lot´s of site updates done. New bandsites for each band with more spesific information about the band and they releases. Also a demoversion of a new webstore is online, it needs a few updates but it´s working from now on.

More songs added to player from all 3rdTrack artists. Also video page opened!

Mesetiah´s The purpose of our existence- album is now available in U.S. via CDBaby. Album is also digitally downloadable in following webstores, Netanttila,, Radio Rock Store, Tune Download Shop, Go Musiikkikauppa, NRJ Kauppa,, DNA Musiikkikauppa. Make sure you get yours, CD or downloadable file!

Jackripper at the studio demoing new songs from the upcoming album, rock!

3rdTrack Productions and label artists can be found also in here

Site update:Some pictures added from Mesetiah album recording sessions!

Nice album review in Spirit of metal for Mesetiah´s debut, link to review in media page, check it out!

Finally, we Finns have a site with our lovely mother language, click the flag!

Update: Studio3rdTrack website is now included in to this 3rdTrack Productions site. Also all the news concerning the studio (and of course 3rdTrack Productions) will be updated here for now on. Cheers!

Merchandise shop is updated with Mesetiah T-shirt. Get yours! 3rdTrack Productions releases are also available now at The Rock Pub in Kokkola.

Check out the first reviews (media page) for Mesetiah´s album! Not bad at all!

Site updated with MusicPlayer, just click it open and listen album samples! Happy new year (by the way)!

Mesetiah´s The purpose of our existence- is now available, get your copy here! Album is also available from Anttila (Kokkola) for local headbangers! The purpose of our existence saatavilla huomisesta lähtien täältä sekä Kokkolan Anttilasta.

Mesetiah´s The purpose of our existence- album release party 31.12.2009 at The Rock Pub in Kokkola. Be there.

Mesetiah´s debut album The purpose of our existence will be released 31.12.2009. Title song from the album can be listen at band´s myspace site MESETIAH and a samples from the whole album at 3rdTrack Productions Check it out!!

Ground Surround´s Shortcut album is now downloadable from following music netstore´s Netanttila Radio Rock Store Tune Download Shop Pop City Go Musiikkikauppa NRJ Kauppa DNA Musiikkikauppa